Stable bleaching Powder (Calcium hypo chloride) is a widely used chemical.It decompose on contact with water,releasing chlorine at the point of application.This makes it a strong oxidizing and bleaching agent

Bleaching powder is any of various mixtures of Calcium Hypochlorite, Lime (Calcium Hydroxide), and Calcium Chloride. Also known as “Chlorinated Lime”, it is used in many of the same applications as Sodium Hypochlorite, but is more stable and contains more available chlorine. It is usually a white powder. A purer, more stable form of Calcium Hypochlorite is called HTH or high test Hypochlorite.

Shree Checmical Industries Stable Bleaching Powder
Shree Checmical Industries Stable Bleaching Powder

Quality Control

Mangalmurti Brand SBP is ISI Marked Strict quality control is exercised at all levels right from the procurement of raw material to the delivery of the finished product.  The quality system are approved under (ISO : 9001

Shree Checmiacl Industries Quality Control
Shree Checmiacl Industries Quality Control

First aid Measures

first Aid
first Aid
  1. EYES  : Flush eyes with a stream of water for 15 min
  2. SKIN  :Flush throughly with cool water under shower while removing
  3. Inhaltion  :Remove to fresh air

Stable Bleaching Powder Precautionary Measures

Stable Bleaching Powder is a CARRIER OF CHLORINE in dry form and an OXIDIZER. It has a toxic smell in case of direct contact with the body, it causes burn/irritation. In view of the above, Stable Bleaching Powder needs special care for Transportation as well as storage in Godowns. During Summer it requires more attention and proper care to avoid fire accidents. The  following are the broad guidelines, which are essential to handle Stable Bleaching Powder

  1. While in storage, the room temperature should be below 40C.
  2.  should not be stacked adjacent to the wall and there should be a minimum one feet gap. it should not be stacked more than 5 bags in height.
  3. godown should have proper ventilation and some space should be kept between the stacked rows to pass air.
  4. combustible materials, such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium nitrate, phosphoric acid, or any oils should not be stored
  5. in case of fire, the spray of water/sand on stable bleaching powder
  6. in case of direct contact with skin/eyes, use plenty of water to wash the powder
  7. we strongly recommend having exclusive godowns without electrification for storage
  8. we also strongly suggest ensuring the godowns for storage of stable bleaching powder to cover the risks of fire accidents etc.
  9. during storage, check the temperature of the bags randomly and if you found any bags are getting heat than normal, shift those bags to the open air and make them normal with the help of fans. after the bags temperature becomes normal than shift them

Stable bleaching Powder Applications & Advantages


  1. “MANGALMURTI BRAND” SBP is a dry free-flowing powder that facilities fast dissolution.

  2. All the batches are tested before packing &dispatch from the factory.
  3. It has high stability; therefore it shall not lose chlorine even after a long period 34% chlorine is available for storage
  4. “Mangalmurti Brand” SBP manufactured under strict quality control.


  1. WATER DISINFECTION & PURIFICATION​:- It is used as a disinfectant in the water treatment plants, wells, reservoirs, hospital it is consumed by the various water supply & corporations.
  2. Textile Industry​:- it is used as ​Bleaching Agent for bleaching cotton, cotton yarn.
  3. Pulp & Paper Industry:- It is used for Bleaching pulp &​ straw wood
  4. Sugar Industry:- it is used for disinfecting vessel​
  5. Swimming Pools:- it is used for algae & odor control in pool water and it is also used in cleaning​
  6. In Aqua Culture :- Disinfecting seawater for controlling the virus​
  7. Carpet industry:- It is used ​for extra shine​
  8. Domestic Purpose:- it is used for cleaning the floor in the bathroom and toilet​